Friday, June 16, 2006

Too many paintings: Volume 1: Abstract

Older, more abstract paintings.
In preparing for our recent Open Studios, one of the things made quite apparent to me (as if I hadn't known!) was that I had far more paintings available than I could ever display on the walls in my studio, so I began pulling things out of the storage racks, shooting them down & dirty with our (now) primitive little digital camera, and I put together a rotating slideshow on the computer in the studio. And since I now have these shots, here is a sampling from the 'archive'. Part one.
As always, click to enlarge.
5 x 8 feet total, 2 canvases

2: 5 x 4 feet, this is just half of a diptych (other half currently off-site), like the first painting. 3 & 4: 'Loopy' paintings, 2 x 4 feet each. Often these would start as 'singles', and then seem to want a partner...

What I remember about the motivations for this piece: I was trying to break out of my own color habits. Red & Lavendar?!!
Also, I was inspired by dramatic after-storm skies, seen crossing the Richmond-San Rafael bridge; and by a positive/negative design project one of my classes was doing at the time.
Most of these paintings are 5-6 or 7--who really knows? years old.
I still like all of these, and many of them have never have a truly proper 'showing'...


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