Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where's the ART?

"Studio View"-- this blog-- was always intended to be a glimpse into what's happening in the studio on any given day.
What with the Burning Man Game Project-- and teaching starting up, and going to Burning Man, then "decompressing" from that-- my surgery earlier in the summer--
(it's always something)-- there hasn't been as much action on my personal artwork as I'd like.

We do have ArTrails coming up, though-- less than a month!
so it's time to shift it into high gear and see what can be accomplished.
The first order of business, really, is getting the image for the invite card finished up a bit, and sped off to OvernightPrints, so I can get the card speeding in the mail to *YOU*.

But after the couple months of not *truly* painting-- I tend to like to ease back into it by doing some collage work. Earlier in the summer, I bought this lovely French postcard album at a yardsale, with the plan of pillaging it for collage material. (don't worry, it wasn't in pristine condition or anything!) I love the little filigree border designs on
each page.

Here I'm gluing the sheets down to sturdier watercolor paper, and sealing the surface with acrylic matte medium.

And here's a very early stage in applying some design elements to that base.
Stay tuned!


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