Tuesday, June 12, 2007

East Coast Studio Visits: Beverly Floyd

I'm going to gradually be putting up some photos of some of the friends' studios we got to visit while we were away recently.

I met Bev in the years just after I got out of grad school, when we were both living in Western Mass in the early 90s.
Now she splits her time between living in Connecticut (in an amazing house she helped design) and Zurich (where her husband currently teaches).
Her paintings have long dealt with the natural world (like me she has a love of gardening, and recently completed a Master Gardener's Program), which is currently overlaid with her experience of learning German.

These pieces are all mixed media, and include printed, collaged bits, along wih beeswax-- and her (sometimes) invented birds are all inscribed with German phrases the birds might be saying. (Above she's reading the German to us).

Here are some small pieces, which were hanging in the house. And see more here at Bev's website!
Bev was getting ready for upcoming shows in a couple of places (and took us to a show that she was in nearby), and juggling the realities of maintaining studios in two countries and travelling a lot. It was great to visit with her (and see all that she's created), together with our friends Carol & Steve.

(Here's a photo of the house, and the lake view from the deck...)


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