Thursday, May 22, 2008


These are all pics I've shot over the last month or so in the yard, or on walks... assembled in a fast photoshop collage. You will no doubt recognize some of them in the little abstractions below. While the shapes were suggested by things in the immediate visible world, I like that they can become suggestive of things both much smaller and larger...

I was trying to remember a Picasso quote I've liked; what I remembered was: "I don't imitate nature, I work like her". A google search (of course) took me to his full quote, which follows.
The papier collé (collage) was really the important of the fundamental points about Cubism is this: not only did we try to displace reality. Reality was in the painting...We always had the idea that we were realists, but in the sense of the Chinese who said, “I don't imitate nature; I work like her.”

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