Thursday, October 26, 2006

Other People Painting Beauty

Yesterday we sort of spontaneously jetted down to SF for a load of inspiration (more on what we saw to come.) Actually, having not actively painted for several weeks now, we're both feeling pretty inspired & eager to get back to it.
One of the most memorable scenes we saw yesterday, though, was before we even left Graton. Up at the corner of 116, four landscape painters were set up in the apple trees at the edge of the vineyard (click to enlarge image). A warm October breeze was blowing, and the light was magic. Tony had a hard time getting me back in the car & agreeing to continue to the city.
Anyway, I grabbed my little camera, and it turned out two of the painters were people I knew, Paula & Erica, & everyone was doing beautiful work! (That's Erica on the left in the first photo, the second image is Paula Smith's painting on her easel, and third a pastel-ist, whose name I do not know!)


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