Monday, October 09, 2006

Willowwood Show is up...

The Willowwood is this great little cafe, two blocks walk from our door.
When Tony and I first moved to Graton, we put up a show there as a sort of 'introduction to the neighborhood' (which led to our being asked to join up with the Graton Gallery, which ultimately led to Arches Gallery-- but I digress.) Anyways, they recently did a big interior re-model-- the spirit and feel of the place is the same-- but nicer! And it seemed like it might be time to show there again. There have been two excellent shows since the remodel: Victoria Wagner (my former studio-mate at the Atelier!), and Laura Hoffman (You can visit Laura at ArTrails too!) Tough acts to follow.
The work hanging is not my 100% most recent; after ArTrails, I'll probably do some moving around and swapping.
visit Willowwood Market & Cafe for menus, info & more!
(See my fancy new "imbedded' links? Just learned that!)

Incidentally, if you're touring fine dining establishments of West Sonoma County-- have you been to Mosaic in Forestville? They've done a gorgeous job of re-making the previous "Chez Marie" into something beautiful as well; also featuring my work just now! (mostly framed prints).

(The bottom photo is not one of my paintings, but Tony's "Lucky Girl", which was bought by the WillowWood at last year's ArTrails.)


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