Monday, December 11, 2006

The Brain Whisperer

Sure, this may seem a bit 'off-topic'-- but where would any of us be without our brains? I just need to put in a plug for friend Suzanna's blog, The Brain Whisperers. Suzanna nursed her mother through Alzheimer's, and developed a very real interest in learning what she could do to keep her own brain vibrant & alive. She loves her topic, and shared lots of interesting tidbits with us through the long sessions when she was one of the most avid contibutors to the 'Game of Life' Project. Now she has this very fine blog, where she shares her wisdom with YOU. And how can you not like a program that prescribes dark chocolate?

(I've pulled the illustration above from her blog (cool, huh?) but don't know who to credit...)


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