Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Hi all--

Been a little while hasn't it?
Well, there was the whole Thanksgiving thing-- we had a great time, TWO times-- with family AND friends...and now I'm having an extra busy teaching week-- subbing for several instructors STILL away on holiday, and getting my own classes going on their end-o-semester projects; plus attended a little i-photo seminar, learning a few new tricks...
sooo, not too much painting, and what i did paint-- not ready to be seen. Trust me.

However, point of clarification:
seems two of my readers (at least?) thought I was saying ( a few posts back) that I had won the Apartment Therapy Contest; no no no, I've changed the post to read, "I never thought I'd win, (and I didn't!)"-- the fact that they asked me to be a featured artist, that's another thing. And yet to come!
Sorry for any unclarity.

At Thanksgiving, we had the chance to re-visit this painting from a couple years ago, which now lives with Tara & Paul. It looks lovely there (and PAUL probably could win a color contest with his place.)

There's the fun-loving hosts.


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