Thursday, November 16, 2006

leetle paintings (in progress)

Yesterday, after a whole day of FIERCE procrastination, I finally picked up paint and started these two 10 inch square paintings.
After doing Open Studios--whether it goes well or goes poorly-- I don't know if I can speak for everyone here-- but for me & (I think) Tony, I would say, there is often a period of artistic soul-searching, a time of having looked at the work all together there for a while, of having said, "what do I have to show for the past year's worth of painting?" (or 6 months --or whatever) and where do I hope to go from here? What stand out as the strongest works--and why? What would I not do again? What did people talk about, respond to? What did people buy-- and should I let that effect what I do next?
Both Tony and I talked about feeling very creatively inspired right afterwards-- but for various reasons, there are generally several weeks running when you just don't paint at all--and then there's a let-down, and then painter's block-- and then you're wondering, what was it I was feeling so excited about painting?...
So, we're gradually building momentum.
Sometimes you have to sort of trick yourself into it.
Re-work something. Make something small...


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