Monday, October 30, 2006

of stamps, stencils, & new starts

One of the things I talked with many people about during the recent open studio weekends was my use of pattern in my paintings, and I would show them these stamps, like linoleum blocks, or woodcuts, but which I actually carved from rubber.

Lots of people asked about stencils, which I haven't actually used much in the past, but I found some cool ones this week, & decided to give them a whirl.

I also found this great fabric (hmmm, a certain similarity?)
and see the backside? I bet these will be appearing in a painting soon... stay tuned.

I started a painting last night, really mostly to try out my new stencil.
I feel like the effect is sort of like a 70's style flocked wallpaper. I'm also not sure about those background shapes (which Tony's calling 'lava lamps'). We'll see. I think it has what my design blogs might call a 'mid-century modern' look about it. And I feel it turning into a diptych (ie: second panel is coming) already...


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