Friday, November 17, 2006

my secret life revealed

There was a time when I was a compulsive reader of garden blogs, and if you've been over (or following my garden blog), you can see what came of that!
Then, I discovered the world of design blogs. Who knew ?! that there was so much activity going on out there in the world of designers. Like art, but more... design-y. For example:
design sponge,
print & pattern, and
SF girl by bay.
Then there's Apartment Therapy; and they had a 'Color Contest' going on, and what the heck, we've got some (sort of) colorful rooms, so I e-mailed a couple of photos.

Long story short: I never thought I'd win (and I didn't) or anything, it was just for fun, but, in the '15 minutes of fame' dept., they have asked if I'd like to be a featured artist... so I said, "Sure! I'd be thrilled, but let me spruce up my blog etc" (I'm building more pages, where paintings and prints will be easier to find, without sorting through those archives-- see NEW LINKS over there on the right) -- So I'll let you know when its going to happen-- within the month?

So there you go. My secret life in Design Blogs. Funny thing is, our friend Leslie Z. (& Tony's very cool boss) actually ran across the post on Apartment Therapy! Seems a friend of hers also sent in photos!

(click to enlarge)
The little bird paintings are by Pam Lewis.


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