Monday, November 20, 2006

A Street's Winterfest

'A Street' in Santa Rosa continues to become an ever more happening little arts district, and this weekend they hosted the third annual "Winterfest" but only the first one we made it to. Sort of felt like the local version of Oakland's 'Art Murmur', if you read my post about that...
1) Laura Hoffman with Tony in her studio in front of new paintings.
2) With Bee, out in front of Mario Uribe's studios, where Bee was selling goodies from the new Cafe Saint Rose.

3) Andrea Speer Hibbard, of the great A Street Gallery, looking festive. (Thank you to her & Mark Perlman for his new catalog!!)

4 & 5) Two shots from Mary Vaughan's studio, but you simply have to click over to her studio to see her beautiful work properly!

These guys were playing up the alley--we would really like to hire them for a party one day. We also heard them once at Mosaic (the restaurant in Forestville.) Gin, I think is their name....

Painting by Frank Ryan, up & coming young artist!

Don Bishop, whose work we've always liked... also has a whole show up down on the Petaluma SRJC campus

...and then there was this odd fashion show. "Extreme Hair" was the theme-- held in a hair salon. When we first arrived, we just thought we were woefully underdressed (or over-dressed).

Whats more photogenic than candied apples?

Finally, Tony 'good times' Speirs quaffs an Ale in Graton's Underwood on the way home.


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