Saturday, December 16, 2006

a city day

Yes, impulsively, we set off for San Francisco again today. There were whole YEARS after we first moved up here (Sonoma County) when we didn't get in to the Big City (it's just one hour-- without traffic, that is). Lately, we 've been feeling the pull. Mainly, just wanting to look at art-- 'filling the well' as Tony calls it. He's also been particularly interested in a lot of the new (hip, young) galleries, and wondering where his work might best fit...
Here are a few things we saw today. Tony has posted more images over on his site...)

1 + 2) Blaine Fontana @ Upper Playground
3 + 4) Anne (?) @ White Walls
5) @ Andrea Schwartz
6, 7, 8) on the streets

(names to come!)


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