Monday, January 08, 2007

little by little

... it's coming along. You might have to be another artist, or you might actually have to be ME, to know that there are signs of potential here. And a long way to go.
Interesting sidenote to this image: Tony has decided to do an experiment in film with this painting. He's taking very frequent progress shots, with the idea they can all be edited together into a very short film where you see the painting develop. Could be cool.Of course, at the end we'll have to hire a 13-year old to help us with the technology...
In color and format, this painting reminds me a bit of this one (that Jan really likes) from---7 or 8 years ago (?!). I didn't realize how much until I put up these photos together. And in format, (2 squares together) it also reminds me of this one, from just about a year ago...


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