Tuesday, March 20, 2007


...of painting activity. Trying to move some of these puppies along to completion.

And besides painting---?
Teaching, preparing new class, gardening, dinners with family & friends, and--
Moving Paintings Around.
This being the year I'm entering a lot of juried shows-- I got another 2 paintings accepted to a show at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts-- This one called "Abstract Rhythms" (paintings inspired by music or movement). So I dropped those off, and picked up the three from the last show. (The opening reception) for Abstract Rhythms, by the way: this Thursday, 6-7:30)
Also yesterday, I roped Tony into driving down with me to drop off my pieces for the Falkirk Annual, in San Rafael (and since it was a beauuutiful spring day we managed to stretch it out with a long country drive home).
And that show I've had up at the Willow Wood? (since October?) has become an ongoing, evolving thing; I'm quite flattered that owners Matthew & Lulu like having the work there so much. I've been able to switch paintings in & out when I've needed to, borrowing them for other shows, other places.
Oh, and I packed a couple of paintings up to ship off to their new home in Minnesota, as well.


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