Sunday, July 08, 2007

Photos from Friday

Friday was an art-ful evening for us: we made it to Donna Seager's Gallery (San Rafael) for a slide talk by Heather Wilcoxon & Inez Storer-- once Professor & Graduate Student (at SFAI), now good friends-- these two share amazingly similar, though highly unusual, upbringings. Both were raised on Hollywood Movie Backlots, and that's just the beginning... They're showing together through the end of the month... (one of Inez' on left, Heather's on right)

Then it was over to Oakland for the Art Murmur-- the collective opening receptions for a growing handful of galleries clustered together in a formerly sketchy part of town...previously written about here.
If you plan to go to the Murmur in the future, be advised: the galleries now close down at 9pm. And they mean it. (neighbor's complaints, I guess).

So we didn't see everything.
BUT, we really enjoyed the show at Mercury 20 (once again)-- this time paintings by Margaret Chavigny and Sheila Metcalf Tobin. Sheila's include delicately rendered line drawings of flowers and plants, on woodgrained panels, Margaret's are layered out of a mix of mediums-- including collage & encaustic (click on their names to go to their websites for more images, statements, and info on their processes...)
And next door at Industrielle, our friend Elisa Carozza was hanging a small preview of her show to come in Sept & Oct.
And this other cool artist (sorry I didn't catch the name, but maybe someone will send it to me?!)

...And last but certainly not least, a retrospective mention:
The last time we went down for the Art Murmur was duriing Laura Van Duren's great sculpture show (also at --where else?--Marcury 20). At the time I was on my very short blog hiatus-- (I warn you, I feel another coming on!) so I never got to post about her show. Which really was fabulous.

(Laura & Tony provide scale)


Anonymous elisa carozza said...

it's always a pleasure to see you and tony @ the murmur!

10:23 AM  
Anonymous elisa carozza said...

oh, yeah, the other artist shown @ industrielle was jessica serran,

1:15 AM  

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