Monday, July 30, 2007

Hey, that's my painting!

Tony's sharp eye recognized this big painting as one of mine-- done oh, 13 years ago. Seen here via a designer's website (click here to see it bigger, and not oddly compressed) I believe it was rented via Hang Art Gallery 5 or more years ago (I still have that painting) for a loft 'staging' in SF. Funny , huh?
I've been talking some lately about working more abstractly, and I bet some people who know me through my more recent paintings don't know of this period in my work. Yup, I came out of grad school almost a minimalist, and gradually the world crept back in. This piece, originally inspired by many walks in the Western Mass. woods, pre-figures the on-going paintings which I refer to as my 'stripe' series.


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