Thursday, November 01, 2007

still in progress...

work continues on these 16" tall acrylic & collage pieces, on vintage postcard pages.

This first piece seems to be taking a sort of 70's color turn.

May need to adjust that.


Anonymous christine adolph said...

Hi Lisa,
I am a fan of your paintings! How did you get this postcard scaled up and used as a background? Is it on canvas or paper?? Just BEAUTIFUL!!
Warm Regards,

7:27 PM  
Blogger LisaBee said...

Hi Christine,
and thank you! for your kind words. If you follow the link below (from the previous post) it will take you to pictures of the postcard album the pages came from, and show some of the process... The painting is on the actual pages, and they are about 10 x 16"-- each page originally designed to hold 4 postcards.
(The photos will help to explain it!)
Thanks again, L

11:37 AM  

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