Sunday, November 04, 2007

out & around & back again

It all began Friday afternoon, when Tony & I drove down to Berkeley to deliver one of his paintings purchased during Open Studios. When we spotted this huge (Patrick Amiot) sculpture in the yard, we felt we must have found the right place.
We enjoyed a lovely bottle of wine with Steven, while watching the sun set over sweeping views of the bay and looking down into their lovely, art-ful & art-filled gardens. (Here's a view of one portion of the garden, called "Take a Chance", laid out like a game board.)

Then it was off to meet up with friends at the Art Murmur.

It was our first visit since Elisa & Travis joined forces with Industrielle on West Grand-- moving Elisa's studio & Travis's 'Kuhl Frame's' into shared space there. So far, so good, it seems. Here Elisa holds up her first foray in acrylics (she took a workshop with friend Claire)-- though generally her work is headed in larger, looser directions.

Then photos from a painting installation at Mama Buzz; paintings I liked by Jenn Shifflet at Chandra Cerrito's new space, above Mercury 20; some small obsessively detailed drawings at Ego Park; and some of Amanda's Hughen's delicate paintings on duraline (holdovers from the last show at Johansson Projects), which I was very happy to get to see in person.

More to come...


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