Saturday, August 02, 2008

'sketch' for commission

I have a fun assignment right now-- something that got underway during Art at the Source Open Studios...

Neither Tony nor I usually do a lot of pieces by commission, but we met a lovely woman who's building a great place quite nearby-- and along with her designer (Neko, of the very cool 'Spirit Hill Farm', pictures from a garden tour are here) wants to feature local artists. We're each designing paintings which will slide away to reveal (or to hide) flat-screened TVs in recessed wall openings... so the dimensions had to be somewhat specific (height of the left panel in this sketch is 44").

I don't usually work from any kind of preliminary sketch, but because I'm working with multiple panels, and including specific kinds of imagery the client responded to in my other work-- it seemed a useful way to go. I'm working on the piece down at the New Studio-- the first piece totally started onsite. I still have some work to go on the lighting there, but I'm on my way!

At left is the room where the painting will be.


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