Monday, June 15, 2009

summertime feeling

Yesterday was our last official day of Open Studios down at Kuhl Frames + Art (though the show remains up through June 27th, on which day we'll again gallery sit from 11-4).
Thank you to all our visitors, and friends old & new. The show was the maiden voyage of some new-ish work, and it was great to get feeback on it, and especially have some folks really connect with what I'm trying to do. A favorite quote from yesterday:..."it's like a ballet-- or symphony-- of molecules..."

After last weekend, Tony and I were talking about Artist Residencies-- ones we've gone on, or self-created; we've both experienced summers that have been expansively creative periods. After a quick get-away, we look forward to re-creating some of those conditions right here at home this summer. I darted into San Francisco last week to catch a couple of shows before they ended last week, and well, I'm feeling just generally inspired.
Come on, Summer!
(In the top photo: that's me, 13 years ago, taken by Tony in the summer just before we became a couple. Yes, I'm drawing in a garden in Sebastopol while housesitting, seven years before we moved up this way. Bottom photo shows the full frame, with Tony's painting-in-progress on an easel to the right. click to see bigger)


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