Thursday, April 08, 2010

Calling it done...

Well, for now at least. There's a Picasso quote I sometimes mention to my students that says something like..." a painting is never finished, it just stops in interesting places." That's come to mind a few times in the studio recently, as I resume work on some pieces begun long ago.

This canvas was one of those, started (my iphoto records reveal) in 2007. It spent most of two years hidden in the racks.
I've been working on it in recent weeks, and it's already up in a show, the one I hung at the Santa Rosa Country Club yesterday.

(scroll down for some exhibition news, & click on photos to enlarge).

Photo 2 shows 'Source of Spring' together with a couple others (liking the three foot square, I gotta say); photo 3 shows an early phase of the process. Somewhere along the line the canvas was flipped.

(Google alert: well, research shows the quote above attributed to Paul Gardner (?), not Picasso, and also give us this, from Da Vinci: "Art is never finished, only abandoned."


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