Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nature Bits

Nature--particularly the botanical world-- is the richest source of inspiration for me.
These were taken on a recent walk nearby. I tend to call it Spanish Moss, but don't know if that's what it truly is. The third picture shows that it's growing like crazy, whatever it is, as a result of so much (endless) rain this year.

...and below: other recent moss, fungi & lichen, seen either in our yard, or on a recent hike near Calistoga.


Blogger Inge said...

Stunning pictures. I also find my inspiration when being in the nature. Thanks for sharing your thoughts and pictures, have a nice week, Inge

11:44 AM  
Blogger ELINtm said...

Thank you, Lisa, for your comment on Flickr. I'd be delighted for you to use any images you want of my handmade lichens.
Very best wishes, Elin

3:44 PM  
Anonymous Lynda Tatrai said...

I love your photography and paintings with the repeated use of colors and patterns,very original!

9:53 PM  
Blogger LisaBee said...

Thanks Inge & Lynda!
Inge-- I love that blogging is helping us to connect-- all the way to Germany. Looks beautiful there now.
Lynda, looks like we're in the same neck of the woods. Hope to meet you one day. (and you're right about the Fan Page thing-- coming soon!)

10:29 AM  
Anonymous Tuikki K. said...

Hi. Lisa, and seasonal greetings from Finland, Scandinavia.
I was surprised about your pics, those species are guite same as we have here.

The first one, those, that you said is kind of spanish mosh, it is near , but not even. It is a kelp- like thing, belongs to a large group of "Ulmus", that are common at mild areas round the world. Now , when there is so much of carbonmonoxide and other bad things, those species has became more rare. Just try to keep them and the trees, where they live.
The lihcen species on the trees, they are rare nowadays. Here in Finland they have been nearly distinguished, even we have here such a huge mass of pines and other threes. All species on your pics are related for moist habitat.

- you sure have found an interesting view when using your camera. You have chosen so tiny objects such remarcably out !
Congratulations !

7:17 AM  

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