Thursday, January 11, 2007

inspirations, esp. color

As an artist, I feel like a bit of a visual sponge-- I soak up the things I see, particularly the ones that really impress my eyeballs, and I never know when they might come out in something that I do. In the past couple days, I've been mentally composing a little post about some of the inspirations behind my new painting, especially it's irrepressible, difficult red-ness, and I was going to write about Tricia Guild, famous interior designer, noted for her bold use of color (I've only recently discovered her.)

She has a beautiful new book out on Pattern, which of course I want, and I recently picked up a used copy of her book called 'Inspirations'-- where she talks about the things that have influences on HER style. (I have a similar book about Kaffe Fassett's inspiration, which I also love). Anyways, lo & behold, I click into one of the blog-sites I regularly visit, that of Anahata, of the gorgeous, (fearlessly colored) Papaya! line of cards and products, and find she has written almost exactly the same thing. Really.

above: pages from Tricia Guild's 'Inspirations';
at right, one of Anahata's Greeting cards.
click here to go to her post re: T.Guild, here to visit Papaya!'s main page.


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