Thursday, March 29, 2007

musings on 'Bouquets to Art'--

This was my second experience of "Bouquets to Art" (I went several years ago, when it was held at the Legion of Honor). Nothing really prepared me for that first time-- for floral designers crafting displays in response to not only paintings, and sculptures, but furniture, and dishes, and so forth. Now it's held in the new DeYoung, and it was exciting to see it there, with that collection.

Some of my favorite things about the show:
1) It makes one think about the nature of creativity, and its manifestations in many forms (this being one that I don't regularly give that much thought to).
2) It kinda made me want to BE more creative in that medium-- at least to bring more of the outdoors in.
3) Looking at the arrangements, and thinking about how they related to the artworks they are in response to, helped me to see and appreciate the art more-- my vision was heightened.
4) I'm sure it has this affect on others, too, and brings a broader appreciation of the museum and all the things in it to a lot of people who might not be big museum-goers.
5) It's great to have the smell of plants and earthiness inside of that space, and I bet when I go there next, I'll kinda miss it.

So there you have it. Worth a visit next time it comes around!
(and these photos will not go very far towards re-creating the experience!)


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