Tuesday, April 17, 2007

New Mexico Art Update

In spite of less than stellar weather (including strong winds and SNOW!) my dad and I had a good visit to New Mexico: Santa Fe & Taos (I'd never been to either). We saw, of course, tons of art. I don't know how many galleries there are in Santa Fe, but hundreds, it seems. Many of them along Canyon Road, which I couldn't have imagined without seeing it. Artist friend Ines (see previous post), gave me some clues as to galleries she thought I might like. Below, in an as-yet dis-organized, unlabeled way, are some photos of some of what I saw. These pics are from, in no particular order, Klaudia Marr, Selby Fleetwood, Winterowd, Gebert Contemporary (formerly Chiaroscuro?), LewAllen, Victoria Price, Tadu; and in Taos, Parks and Fenix. Click images to enlarge. Further details (artists names?) may come.


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