Thursday, May 03, 2007

Lack of Blogginess

If you're a follower of this space, perhaps you've noticed that posts haven't been that frequent lately. Possibly it's that I'm just not spending enough time in the studio (true). Spring is mightily distracting here. Anyways, I've decided to go on a little blog hiatus. Who knows how long. Maybe I'll be back at it next week.
But in the meantime, I leave you with two Brice Marden paintings...

Tomorrow (or is it Monday?) we'll finally get down to see his show at SF MOMA. (I've been urging my abstract painting students to go for weeks.) Marden's work, just a single image seen in a magazine, had an influence on my use of line within my work-- 8 or more years ago. Imagine what a whole show of them might do.


Anonymous anahata said...

In full support of blog hiatus! Folks rarely cheer on such needs. But alas all bloggers must retreat...See you when you return!! (I love this place)

8:36 PM  
Blogger lisa beerntsen said...

Thanks Anahata. Yeah, I think most art-makers undertand the need to retreat and regroup periodically-- and that the blog-world isn't necessarily the natural environment of the artistic temperament & process. But I'll be back, no doubt...
(And, good luck with the house thing!!!)

2:37 PM  

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