Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Delivered to Donna's

I'm excited to have some paintings in the upcoming (month of August) show, Fresh Paint, at the Donna Seager Gallery in San Rafael. I dropped four paintings off today. The opening reception will be August 11th, from 6-8pm. Please come if you can!
Of course, this all meant that I had to finally put finishing touches on a couple of them including this one:

Begun...back in April with the collaging of a vintage tablecloth across the canvas, the bird flew in in early May, and then just sat there. (one of the benefits of this blog, I can look back & trace a work's progress) I liked the loose drippiness of the bird disappearing into the background... Anyhow, it finished up with the addition of botanical elements and butterflies, all inspired by the garden, where we've planted lots of pollinator-friendly plants. It's more tightly detailed than the direction I would say I'm currently headed in, but, that's what the painting seemed to ask for. The painting below also began with the vintage fabric seen at bottom left and top right. As often is the case when I use collage elements, the painting proceeded in response to the colors and shapes within the fabric, leading in part, to the cloud-like forms you see.
Here are the four paintings I took in.


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