Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Art Fairs: Miami

Perhaps you've heard of the explosion in the popularity of Art Fairs.
You go to one city, and art from galleries all over the world has been brought to that one place (for one week). First there were a few big fairs, and then smaller fairs sprang up in the same cities at the same time-- alternative fairs. Now, in Miami, 24 fairs go on at once. Art is shown in hotel rooms, shipping containers, under circus tents, in convention centers, and even in shower stalls.
I was once at the fair in SF, once at one in NY. But most of what I know about their current popularity, I know from Joanne Mattera's Blog, from whence these photos come. Go on over there for her full report.
She goes to Miami-- so you don't have to!

(and keep scrolling-- it goes on for quite a while)


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