Sunday, November 18, 2007

from 'A' Street's Winterblast-- part one

This was our second year going to this Santa Rosa event-- and we DID have a blast. It's a very happening little scene down there on 'A' Street-- and growing. Winterblast is a bit akin to Oakland's Art Murmur, but since its only once a year, and the studios & galleries are in closer proximity-- the goodness is condensed. If we weren't so happy in our own little town/studio-- we'd wish we had studios on A Street too!
This first batch o' photos highlights scenes from the studios of Mary Vaughan, Barbara Elliott, and...(gotta look up the third name!) Their studios adjoin one another, and they recently took over another small space as a gallery.


Anonymous annie said...

Hi, it looks like so much fun!

you asked who did the prints on my blog. Those are by the talented and lovely Kate Phillips at Charm Foundry:

11:39 AM  

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