Sunday, December 02, 2007

M. Lowe Show

If you should find yourself in Berkeley over this holiday season-- up in the North Shattuck vicinity of Chez Panisse--
I have a small selection of large paintings on view at the very fine jewelry store, M.Lowe & Company. The space is newly redesigned, with a more open, elegant feeling & these four paintings, along with a couple of small pieces are on display there. I'll have to get back there with a camera to shoot the installation one day. (two large tree paintings, seen here during Open Studios).

After dropping off the work on Friday, we were off to SF to a fundraiser for the Flaming Lotus Girls. This Burning Man troupe makes the most amazing fire-sculpture installations. We're trying to get them to display some pieces at the upcoming 'Art of Burning Man' themed show that I'm curating for the junior college where I teach. I haven't really mentioned that show here, yet, but it's something that I've been spending a lot of time with, and I'll be giving you a full report soon!
This piece is called "Angel of the Apocalypse" and represents a huge bird emering from the floor. The remote-controlled robotic spheres-- called collectively 'swarm,'-- are something else, and were fascinating to watch. Below is the 'Angel' in action in 2005 (photo by Tom Pedergast)


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