Tuesday, September 02, 2008

the Shrine of Fortuna

Here's the Shrine of Fortuna as installed at Burning Man '08. This is the third piece, conceived by Tony, that we've made collectively with others (this year with building design/construction by Michael Coy, lots of work by Else Olava, Tim McG, and so many other great people) and taken to Burning Man.

This one, was well-- a little too challenging ultimately in a few ways, yet beautiful, and very well received.

She'll be appearing on Sunday, the 29th at Santa Rosa's Handcar Regatta, and then... a new, more permanent home...?


Blogger Blue Sky Dreaming said...

Hi, I think your blog is just great...it is on my morning stop and read list! I've an award for you...please stop by and pick it up!!
Mary Ann

4:48 PM  

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