Monday, January 15, 2007

slow & more slow

(at right, Gary Evans, "studio view" by way of Toronto Gallery Paul Petro. Click image to enlarge)

Well, it's been a little slow in the studio (okay, I haven't been out there) and it'll be slow for a few days yet, as I have begun a massive undertaking. The organization and overhaul of the 'office' space. This is sooooo needed. This is a room that, in the four years we've lived here, has never really been unpacked and organized for maximum efficiancy. Or moderate efficiancy. And it is the catch-all room as well-- everything that doesn't have a permanent home or needs to be dealt with or sorted out gets shoved into this room.

This is theoretically ground zero for art-business operations. We recently had our computer 'optimized'-- all our old files and things moved over from the last computer. Now I'm also trying to re-design the room's floor plan so that it can also be useful for indoor crafts and stuff-- making collages and what-not when it just seems too cold to go out to the studio.

I'd post 'before' pictures-- but until 'after' is acheived they're just too pitiful.
Wish me luck!

(at right: studio view for Mark Lavatelli, of Buffalo, NY, or thereabouts.)
About these photos: I ran a google search on the words "studio view", just to see what would turn up (and also to see if there were any shelving/storage concepts I could use in my office re-design!), and turned up some interesting discoveries, such as these. Will share more as time goes by...


Anonymous Anonymous said...


Since we are STILL unpacking and trying to organize studio and office space I don't feel so overwhelmed and "lonely" after reading about your recent office endeavors. Misery loves company.......

I wait with great anticipation for the "before and after" images.

Good Luck!
Carol in Kingston

6:27 PM  

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