Wednesday, July 28, 2010

like Day & Night...

...that's what runs through my mind, seeing this lighter & darker painting (both nearing completion) side by side.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Collaborative Paintings from B.L.T.

For over six months now, I've been participating in a 3-way painting collaboration known as B.L.T. (that's for Bob, Lisa, Tony).

It's been fun, and it's given us an interesting new perspective on the creative process-- and it's probably surprising how well it seems to be going, both because we're all still getting along(!) and that we're feeling as happy as we are about the results.

There are at least a dozen pieces under development-- all three of us work on each panel. Here are some of those that have been considered 'done' (some of them already had a public debut at the 'Sideshow' exhibition at Sonoma State this Spring), mixed in with a few that await at least one more layer.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Impromptu SF Art Day

On Saturday, very spur of the moment, we darted in to the city to check out a few shows. We got a late start, but several of the galleries were having openings, which allowed us to view art into the evening, check out Valencia Street on a hoppin' Saturday night, and have pizza at the infamous Little Star . : )

We were very happy to visit several galleries which are new (or at least new to us): 941 Geary, Guerrero Gallery, and Rosenthal Gallery. Installation was underway for a new show at Fort Mason's Artist Gallery for an exhibition which looks like it'll be great (show opens Thursday). Also glad to see Michelle Muenning's beautiful paintings at Jack Fischer.

This wall of ephemera is part of the show at John Berggruen; it accompanies a show of works by Alexander Gorlizki (in collaboration with an Indian miniature master.) The works are interesting-- but I was even more drawn in by this collection, like a wall in an artists' studio, covered with sketches & inspiration. (click on the final 4 images to enlarge.)

Thursday, July 08, 2010

now this...

Here's the latest (in the works)--- shown somewhat cropped. Have you noticed I'm veering away from that 10-year intense yellow phase? For now at least. Feels good.

Sunday, July 04, 2010

new! painting-- and fun with photoshop

In painting news, below is the painting I'm currently working on (seen through a photoshop filter, to sort of hide the rough & unfinished patches..) I believe it turned a corner yesterday, and is headed down the slope towards completion.

I always seem to like how paintings look when in this photoshop mode--, and find it can be useful to help see the overall pattern of the composition and its contrasts. Here are the 'watercolor' and 'palette knife' filters.
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