Friday, September 29, 2006

the cards have arrived!

and they are, in fact , the correct colors. If you'd like to receive a 'hard copy' in your mailbox, or would like to be sure you're on that mailing list to get future cards, write me at

Monday, September 25, 2006

farther along

This is the farthest along of the little pieces in this series. I've never painted any dragonlies before, but the waterlily came first, and seemed to ask for them...


The card for ArtTrails is at the printer-- I thought I could upload it here for 'show-and-tell'-- but whoa! these aren't even close to the true colors. I guess there's some color-system compatibility issue between this file format and Blogger-- I swear the printed product will not look like this! It looks like I've become one of those 'California Colorists', with the blue tree trunks, yellow sky, et al.
100 thanks to Wendy Coy for talking me through the electronic design & submit process to OvernightPrints, where it really does take them overnight. Closer-to-actual colors shown below.

Saturday, September 23, 2006

more fresh 'starts'

Again, all *very* early stages...

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Where's the ART?

"Studio View"-- this blog-- was always intended to be a glimpse into what's happening in the studio on any given day.
What with the Burning Man Game Project-- and teaching starting up, and going to Burning Man, then "decompressing" from that-- my surgery earlier in the summer--
(it's always something)-- there hasn't been as much action on my personal artwork as I'd like.

We do have ArTrails coming up, though-- less than a month!
so it's time to shift it into high gear and see what can be accomplished.
The first order of business, really, is getting the image for the invite card finished up a bit, and sped off to OvernightPrints, so I can get the card speeding in the mail to *YOU*.

But after the couple months of not *truly* painting-- I tend to like to ease back into it by doing some collage work. Earlier in the summer, I bought this lovely French postcard album at a yardsale, with the plan of pillaging it for collage material. (don't worry, it wasn't in pristine condition or anything!) I love the little filigree border designs on
each page.

Here I'm gluing the sheets down to sturdier watercolor paper, and sealing the surface with acrylic matte medium.

And here's a very early stage in applying some design elements to that base.
Stay tuned!

Saturday, September 16, 2006

visit the garden..., that is. That's where it's happening today.
  • Today in the Garden

  • Although you can visit it in person, in October, when we're open for ArtTrails once again.
    Mark your calendar:
    October 14 & 15, 21 & 22.
    Seems it's always just around the corner.

    Tony & I will also be showing concurrently (in October, & probably November) at the Willowwood, just 2 blocks away, an excellent destination for breakfast, lunch or dinner! Any day.

    And at Arches Gallery, in Healdsburg, of course. Big party there is Friday, Oct 6 (or is it Saturday?)

    Thursday, September 14, 2006

    visit Trout Salad!

    Tony's been busily updating the project blog with more shots from Burning Man.
  • Trout Salad (Tony's Blog)
  • One of our Easel Park-mates (I guess his REAL name is Richard, but he'll always be Senor Rico to me) came by yesterday and dropped off a disk filled with more & better shots of the piece-- he was there at a moment without the strong shadows, and miraculously without a lot of people standing in front (though those are fun shots to see, as well!).

    I'm working up a proposal for a possible local show which would include not only this 'Game' piece, and last years as well-- if there is ceiling clearance--(with the spinning wheel it requires about 14 feet height); but would include other art from Burning Man. I've talked to amazing photographer and friend Don Jackson (when we met him at BM last year he was there on assignment for Rolling Stone) about showing some large format prints-- and also last night I heard from creators (Jeremy Lutes, Kevin of Sunbrothers, et al) of the 'Lily Pond'-- anyone on the playa for the 'Floating World' theme year remembers & loves this piece-- about trying to re-create this within a gallery setting. It would be very cool. (Though it's designed to run on solar, and how that would work indoors-- we'll see.)
  • Lily Pond
  • (photos don't do it justice!)

    Wednesday, September 06, 2006

    we're back!

    Here's how our piece looked out there...
    (click to enlarge!)

    snap 'n' kitty
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