Tuesday, November 23, 2010

"Probably the Best Blind Painter in Peckham"

Sargy Mann from Peter Mann Pictures on Vimeo.

If I should ever find myself whiney about my painting practice, I hope that I will remember this...
It's a rather quiet 40 minute film, but this painters outlook brings new levels to the the word inspiring.

Article here; and thanks to Deborah Barlow for sharing!

Thursday, November 18, 2010

I went, I saw (art in S.F.)

Tuesday was the day for another pretty spontaneous jaunt to see what was up in the Galleries in SF, and a very fine day it was.

Just a few highlights:
1 +2. gorgeous drippy detail in small multi panel pieces by Cornelia Schulz at Patricia Sweetow;

3 + 4. small collage, big painting, beautiful colors, by Linda Geary at Rena Bransten;

5. always inspiring work by John Yoyogi Fortes at Jack Fischer;

6. Ricardo Mazal(?) & Timothy McDowell (right) at Elins/Eagles-Smith;

7 & 8. two by Jason Rohlf in Caldwell Snyder's office space;

9 & 10. Fain Hancock and Jessica Martin leaning around in HANG;

11. Pati demonstrates scale in front of Sherie Franssen's work at Dolby Chadwick;

12 & 13. the day was bookended by fabulous SF views at Fort Mason Center's SFMOMA Artists Gallery, & the Jewish Museum;

14. Did someone say Happy Hour? at Amber India.

As always, the updates on what's in the galleries provided by Alan Bamberger over at ArtBusiness.com were instrumental in inspiring me to get in my car and go!
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