Thursday, July 31, 2008

a few show announcements...

I have a few pieces out up in exhibitions locally, and I'll be hanging a small show tomorrow... so if you're in the neighborhood, check 'em out!

Two of my most recent "postcard album page" pieces are include in a show called 'On Paper', at the Sebastopol Center for the Arts.

This second piece, (courtesy of Eric Kent Wine Cellars collection-- it will appear on a label sometime next year!) will appear in a show opening tomorrow evening at the Arts Council Gallery, in Santa Rosa (opening in conjunction with the Friday Night Artwalk events).

The Arts Council Show is entitled "The Gallery Show"-- and includes a piece representing the current exhibit in every gallery, museum and arts organization in Sonoma County. Mine is representative of the show 'Garden Song' I'll hang tomorrow at the gallery space of Sally Baker's 'My Daughter the Framer'. More on that one soon.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Greetings from TonyLand

Oh, Tony's been a very busy boy...
One of the cool things he's been involved with this summer is ArtStart-- where he worked with a few young apprentices in designing and painting this mural on the history of cartoons... It's a very cool program...

Here's a pic of Laura Hoffman in front of the mural she was in charge of...

Wish I'd gotten a photo of the fabulous Mary Vaughan, who does a huge amount of work down there...
The other Big Thing Tony's now turning his attention to full-time: this year's Burning Man Project-- a shrine to the Goddess Fortuna. Visit for much more on this-- and how to contribute drawings to the collaborative effort!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

what's going on....

More small works, progressing.
Trying to keep the work going as I transition between the 2 studio spaces.
I've committed to a small upcoming show, so it gives me the focus of a little deadline on the horizon-- always useful!

Monday, July 14, 2008

le space

You may remember a while back I alluded to some sort of surprise coming up.

These here are pictures of my new studio space at the Atelier One, just down the street from our house.
Yep, we live in this tiny rural town, yet 2 blocks away is one of the few artists' studio warehouse buildings in the county.

I knew that one day our shared studio (beautifully situated in our backyard garden) would become cramped for both Tony & I to work in, with our mutual penchant for large works, and all the accumulation.
And the opportunity to rent this high-ceilinged bright space came up, and well, I took it.
I have a new studio-mate as well-- who will be on the other side of that wall, and we have some set-up issues to work out, with lighting, floor protection, some construction et al. Plus, due to a fairly recent knee injury, it's going to be a very gradual move-in. (upstairs, you know). But I think it's gonna be a very good thing, and fear not, I will be keeping an area to work in the 'old' studio as well-- so I'm not giving up on the garden!
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